Louis Houghton

I am an independent software consultant with over a decade of experience designing, building and testing software systems. I have worked with organisations such as Yell, Legal and General, the Ministry of Justice and the Open University to help transform their digital offerings.

My languages of choice are Java and Javascript. I consider myself a full stack developer with experience working on both the front and back end. I have used the Spring framework to build backend services for around 10 years. I've used several frontend frameworks like Angular, Vue and React.

I have helped with large cloud infrastructure migrations and designed cloud native solutions running on AWS. In a previous role I migrated a fleet of EC2 VMs to containers running on ECS and static content served by S3 and Cloudfront. Containers were deployed using Github Actions and CodeDeploy using blue/green and canary deployments.

If you think I can help your company in any way, please connect on LinkedIn, Twitter or Github.


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