Happy new year!

I don’t usually bother with new years resolutions. Most are doomed to failure and I’m not usually the most committed person when it comes to doing things I don’t want to do or not doing things I want to. This year though I’ve got a couple of things that I actually really want to do so I’m hoping I should be more successful. I should also hopefully have a bit more free time as the big project of renovating the house I bought in 2011 is finally over.

The first one is to program more in my own time. I got a job as a developer in November 2012 so I do spend five days a week programming. I’m also lucky enough that my team gets to work on some really interesting projects so I do get a lot of variation in my day job.

The reason I want to work on more projects at home is to do stuff that’s completely different like simple games or use tools I don’t get to use at work. For example we use use the Javascript framework Dojo at work instead of JQuery. This means my knowledge of JQuery is woefully inadequate. When I come to looking for another job this is going to really harm my chances. The last reason is that I don’t really have many examples of my code on the web. Again when I’m looking for another job this is going to bite me in the arse. Checking a candidate’s Github page is pretty standard practice when recruiting a developer I imagine.

I’m hoping that doing small achievable projects will mean I’ll actually finish things and keep my interested. Now I need to just think of something (suggestions welcome!).

My other resolution is to blog more. I hardly posted anything last year and very little the year before. I should have been writing about my experiences working on my Open University degree or technologies we’re using at work. Writing about stuff tends to solidify knowledge so I’m sure it would help with work and studying. Again this should help my chances when looking to move jobs as my blog comes up as one of the first results when you Google my name. Hopefully if my first resolution works out then the projects will give me material to blog about.

Anyway, here’s to a good one!