After over two years of renovating our house my girlfriend Jordan and I finally moved in at the start of December. There’s still an enormous list of things that need to be done but I’ve just finished sorting out something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

As always at winter there’s been a lot talk in the news about energy companies and price rises. Luckily at the moment price isn’t an huge issue for me (although I’d obviously prefer prices not to rise much more for everyone’s sake) but being a bit eco I’m concerned about how the energy I use is produced. I like to have a warm house too much and have far too many electrical devices each sucking up lots of electricity for me to think seriously consider using less energy so having the energy I use produced from renewable sources seems to be the way to go.

At first I started looking at Ecotricity. When I checked their website they were claiming that 80% or thereabouts of their energy was produced from renewable sources. I’ve just checked now and they are saying it’s 100%. The other big green energy supplier, Good Energy, was claiming 100% back in October when I first looked so that’s who I signed up with. I was also recommended by a friend so we both ended up with around £50 credit from their recommend a friend scheme. Their prices are a little lower than the big six suppliers I’ve checked against and they didn’t raise their prices this winter.

The switching process has been a bit of a ball ache all in all. I phoned up and requested a switch over sometime in October. I didn’t receive the direct debit forms so had to phone up and get them to send them out. We then received letters with provisional switchover dates saying direct debit would be taken for gas would start in January and electricity would be in February. In January both direct debits came out and when I called about it they said they’d been supplying our electricity since December and they had taken an estimated meter reading to determine what we owed e-on. It’s a bit rubbish for a company to take money before they say they will. If I hadn’t had enough in that account I would have been charged. Apparently they reckon they had a new letter generation system but in in November and have been having problems with that but I’m sure that’s what companies always say!

So overall the switching process was rubbish but hopefully things will be better now. At least now I don’t have to feel guilty about only half watching a program on my big TV and surround sound while I dick around on my laptop.