So better late than never I thought I just post something about my weekend in Rome back in September. My girlfriend Jordan and I spent two and a half days wandering around the city looking at old things, eating nice food and resisting the temptation to stroke the many stray cats.

Our flight out ended up being delayed by two hours (yay Easyjet!). We had already arrived at the airport nerdishly early so we ended up with a four hour wait. We then missed the train into Rome by a minute due to a weird ticket machine so the journey ended up feeling a lot longer than it should have been.

The morning of the first day was spent looking around the Colosseum, Forum and Palentine Hill. We were given a great tip for buying tickets to the Colosseum. If you walk 200 metres up the road and you can buy a combined ticket for all three sights at the entrance to Palentine Hill. You can then straight into the Colosseum skipping the massive queue.

I won’t list everything we saw that day otherwise we would be here all day. That evening we found a small family run restaurant for dinner called La. Vecchia. Conca . It ended up being some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had. Even the simple bruschetta starter was amazing.

The next day was mainly spent trudging around the Vatican Museums. I’m sure they would have been very beautiful and quite interesting if we were able to actually stand and look at anything. We were swept along in a huge group of tourists until we got to the Sistine Chapel where everyone stood around taking photos and talking loudly (two things explicitly forbidden).

We ended the day by finding a small pizzeria in town and having some decent (although not fantastic) pizza. We walked back to the hotel past the Forum and Colosseum all lit up as the sun had gone down which was a rather breath taking sight.

Our flight home wasn’t until the afternoon of the next day but we didn’t really do anything productive.

Rome is a stunning city and I would definitely recommend that everyone visit. You can’t quite believe the amount of Ancient Roman stuff they still have lying around everywhere.