So the local elections are upon us and with them come the first time I have to actually choose a party to vote for. Previously I would have voted Lib Dem but since forming the coalition and going back on several key election promises I’ve lost all faith in them. I know local politics are fairly separate from state politics but the association is there and I’d like to show Cleggy how pissed off I am at him.

So this leaves me with the choice between the other lefty parties – Labour and the Greens. I reckon I probably will vote Labour when the next general election rolls round because it’ll be the only way to oust the Tories but in the local elections I feel I have a bit more choice.

I’m seriously thinking about voting Green. I support a lot of what the Green party stands for in regards to the environment but I’ve never voted for them before. Partly because it was always seen as a wasted vote but also because I fundamentally disagree with their stance on subjects concerning science. Today I saw this Reddit post in which someone with exactly my thoughts voted Green but then e-mailed the party to explain their stance. In the e-mail they write that whilst they agree with many of the Green’s policies, the party’s stance on nuclear power and GM crops for example is ‘naive and dangerous’.

This sums up my thoughts exactly and I’m leaning towards doing the same thing.

On a side note I thought I better add how disappointed I am with the amount of information available on the people we’re voting for here in Milton Keynes. All we get on the council website is a list of names next to the parties. I have no idea what these people stand for. I tweeted the @MKCouncil twitter account to find out if any of the candidates blogged or used Twitter but 5 hours later I’ve not heard anything. Googling their names doesn’t bring up anything interesting either.

It just means that people end up voting based on their ideological views of each party as opposed to proper policies. For all I know the Green candidate is opposed to a load of stuff I support. Maybe the Tory candidate and I have very similar views (I doubt it somehow). There’s no way to tell because there seems to be nothing about these people online.

Anyway, hopefully the rain will hold off long enough to walk down to the polling station.