Yesterday I went over to the Future Energy show in Wolverton like the good (future) citizen I am. I didn’t get to stay that long as I was going out later in the afternoon but still I managed to see a few things.

The main reason to go was to find out more about the E-Car (PDF warning) pilot that Wolverton is in the running for. It’s an car club that’s designed to help people get rid of their second car. You pay a yearly membership fee (at the moment it’s planned to be £50) and then you can book the car and pay an hourly charge (currently planned to be £5.95). The most interesting thing about this one is that all the cars are fully electric. Jordan is possibly going to be looking for a job in London once she’s finished her masters so possibly won’t need a car for commuting. If we could get rid of one car and use the E-Car for the few times when we both need a car at the same time it would save a fair amount of money and the environmental benefit would be a bonus.

They’re planning to run the pilot in four or five areas this year from a shortlist of eight so hopefully it’ll come to Wolverton. Apparently interest has been better than the average so that’s promising.

I also signed up for information from a local veg box thing called Growing People (warning. The website is absolutely horrible). Last year we gave Able and Cole a go. They’re one of the biggest veg box companies in the country so we thought they’d be good. We cancelled after a few weeks because the produce was really bad quality and in some cases was already over ripe. They also imported a load of stuff. The reason I like the idea of getting a veg box is to reduce my food miles. This one in Wolverton is all grown locally. You can have it delivered or pick it up and the place you pick it up from is less than a minute walk from our house so that’s a plus.

There was also a good bit of information on solar panels. They’re still maybe a little too expensive for me to justify but I reckon once they get below £2000 for 6 (currently around £3500) they become very interesting. I have quite  bit of technology so being able to partly power it all with green energy would help my conscious a lot.