A few people have asked me recently about how the house is getting on so I thought I’d do a post showing some of the things that have changed since we bought the place back in October.

When we first bought the house the old owner had some fairly awful fireplaces in the living room and dining room. One of the first things we did was replace them with something a bit closer to what would have been there when the house was first built. Here is the living room fireplace – before and after. The after picture is pretty old. It’s now been smoothed out and painted around it.


In the dining room we’ve replaced the fireplace with a wood burner. The wood burner is plumbed into the heating so during the winter months we can get a fire going and it’ll heat water for the radiators and baths/showers. We’ll also have a boiler so we don’t have to do it if we’re feeling lazy.


The next major change is the addition of the shower room upstairs. We stole a bit of space from the middle bedroom which is going to be my study so doesn’t need to be very large. The main bathroom is going to be downstairs so having a toilet upstairs is a huge bonus.


As the on street parking in Wolverton is pretty competitive we’ve turned the end of the garden in a place for cars with access by the alley.


And this is what the garden looks like at the moment. The concrete slab for the extension is down. We also have a big pile of soil if any keen gardeners need any soil.


Considering the current frequency of my blog posts I imagine the next house post will be when it’s close to finishing.