Continuing the resurrection on this blog (two posts in two weeks!) I thought I better write a quick note about probably the most important thing to happen to me in the past few years and that’s getting on the housing ladder. Back in October Jordan and I completed the purchase of our first proper home together.

It’s in Wolverton – one of the old towns that was assimilated into Milton Keynes in the 1970s. We wanted an old house as they have a bit more character and history than a lot of the new builds as well as a lot more space. There seems to be a greater feeling of community in these old areas that you just don’t get in the rest of Milton Keynes. You actually see people walking around in the streets which is pretty rare in Walnut Tree where we are now.

The lady that lived in the house before us had been there since 1965 and from the looks of things very little has been done in the last four and a half decades. It made the place pretty horrible to look at when we first saw it but it also means it has a load of original features intact like cast iron fireplaces in the bedrooms and quarry tiles in the back room (hidden under some lovely carpet – pictured right). We’re also going to have the floorboards exposed throughout most of the house. Half because they’re nice and half because we have a cat that seems intent on murdering anything we can get his teeth round which tends to make quite the mess of carpet.

There’s a whole load of work to be done so we’re not going to be moving in for quite some time. The house doesn’t even have central heating. It’s quite daunting when you think about all the things that need to be done and all the things that need to be bought. In fact, we made a spreadsheet of everything we needed to buy and the total was rather shocking. It may have to be Super Noodles for dinner from now until next summer. And I’m sure every time I look at the kitchen sink I’ll think to myself “that was £250 well spent… I could have bought a PlayStation Vita with that”.