After being a Lovefilm member on and off for about 4 years I’ve decided that I’m not really taking full advantage of the service and it’s not really fitting in with my life. It’s a bit sad because it’s actually a really good idea and I’ve managed to watch some films that I probably wouldn’t have without the service.

The problems really started when I bought a Blu Ray player and moved as many of the films in my queue to BR as I could. From my experience it looks like Lovefilm don’t stock as many BRs as they should. Even with 10 or so discs on my list at high priority I would still be sent a random film from my medium priority list. This wouldn’t be so bad but I usually have a lot of crap on medium priority that I added on a whim and have forgotten to take off. In the worse case I had watched the film on TV a few weeks before and forgotten to take it off so was sent a film I had seen. I know this has a lot to do with my disorganisation but when you have 10 films on high priority you expect one of them to be sent.

Another part of the Lovefilm service that I think hasn’t really reached its potential is the Lovefilm Player. Quality is really quite awful on a 42″ 1080p TV and performance on my Atom/ION HTPC is pretty terrible. 1080p YouTube videos play perfectly but the 360pish Lovefilm videos stutter horribly.

To replace Lovefilm (because we can’t do without our movies) we’ve just upgraded our Sky package to HD. We already had the movie package but with an ancient box with a tiny 40GB hard drive. Upgrading to HD means a shiny new HD box with a 320GB  hard drive (120GB reserved for Anytime) which leaves lots of room to keep recorded films. It’s also nice that every film is in HD.

So far we’ve actually managed to record a few films that we’ve had on the Lovefilm list for a while. It’s more of an effort  to catch good films when you have to trawl through pages of TV listings on the Sky website but features like Remote Record make the process a lot easier.

I’m a little sad that I’m giving more money to Sky rather than a nice company like Lovefilm but at the moment I’m just happier with the service.