After Apple released the new Macbook Pros last week I thought I’d see if I could sell my last generation Macbook Pro and pay the difference to upgrade. This turned out to be a lot harder than I originally thought.

I’m fairly happy with my laptop but the fact that the new low end 13″ Macbook Pro is now as fast as the last generation’s high end. I think that’s probably a fair bit more future proof than the 2010’s already a little outdated Core 2 Duo.

Anyway, so I placed an advert on the Milton Keynes Gumtree. After a load of attempted scams and no real offers I decided to post on the London Gumtree and just accept that I might have to jump on a train down there to meet. Even with the extra traffic I still only really got scammers and people offering ridiculously low prices. The few people that actually seemed interested still tried to screw me out of money or kept changing the plan on meeting until I just gave up. I could go with eBay but the commission taken by eBay and Paypal really start to eat into any money you make.

In the end it just ended up being a lot more hassle than I was prepared to put up with. I still might put it up again in a month or so and see if I get any interest. The i5 in the new Macbook sounds a lot more fun than a Core 2 Duo.

So instead upgrading the laptop I just decided to pick up a stupidly fast hard drive to give me my tech fix. I installed my new Seagate Momentus XT yesterday and things seem to be a good amount faster.

Now to spend a few minutes lusting over the new iPad 2…