Last night I got back from a very enjoyable long weekend in Slovenia. We were there for four nights – we spent one and a half days in the capital Ljubljana then a day each in Bled and Postojna.

Ljubljana has a very pretty old town area with a castle overlooking from the hill top. The architecture is fairly similar to Prague where we visited last year. We found some good places to eat including a pretty swanky Asian place called Shambala. When we arrived on the first night the weather was still good so we grabbed some food and a drink by the riverside. The atmosphere by the river was amazing. Street musicians were everywhere including a full orchestra and there was just a feeling of Friday night relaxation.

As pretty as the centre of Ljubljana was I couldn’t imagine spending the full four days there. It’s a very small city and we felt like we had exhausted most of the things we had planned fairly quickly. Luckily, we had planned on venturing out of the capital to visit a coule of other towns.

On the Saturday we got the bus to Bled. The town is situated next to a large lake on which sits a small island with a church and overlooking everything is Bled castle.

[][1]As cool as the castle looks from the outside, it was a little disappointing once you got inside. The Slovenians seem to have a thing out modernising the inside of their castles. I don’t know if it’s a safety thing (although there weren’t any safety rails stopping you falling over the low walls) or if they just don’t like the original stonework and stone flooring. Jordan, who considers herself a connoisseur of castles wasn’t impressed.

After visiting the castle and grabbing some lunch we decided to rent a row boat and go out onto the lake. Now neither of us are particularly fit or adept at rowing but we thought it would be fun. [][2]We managed to row all the way out to the island but mooring was another matter. I struggled to attach the chain to the dock and after much struggling I gave up as I was sure I’d fall in otherwise. It’s a shame we didn’t get to walk around the island but it was an amusing experience anyway.

The next day we ventured off to Postojna and the caves. To get into the caves (which are the second biggest in Slovenia apparently) you have to take a train underground for 2km. It was all very fun but this was also the most touristy activity we did and it was incredibly crowded with your average bargey, selfish tourist. Other than that the caves were very impressive. Some of the caverns were enormous. They even hold concerts in one of them.

After visiting the caves we took a bus in the pouring rain to Predjama castle. The weather had taken a turn for the worst and we were seriously considering not going to the castle as the bus was late and we had to wait outside in the cold and rain. I’m very happy we managed to stick it out as the castle was probably the most impressive sight of the holiday. Built into a cavern the castle looks like something out of Lord of the Rings.

The inside of castle was a lot more original than the ones at Bled and Ljubljana. As the castle used the natural cave walls as internal walls I suppose it made things a little harder smooth out. There were a few hidden staircases and walkways that went into the caves which made it very fun to explore. Due to the bad weather we couldn’t go into the caves underneath the castle which was a shame.

The next day we ended up just hanging around Ljubljana. We tried to go to the zoo but it turned out to be miles away. The guide book just said it was on the south side of a park but as the park was only just on the map we thought it would be close. After walking for ages I decided to take the hit with roaming charges and check Google Maps. I’m glad I did as it was another few miles and we had to catch a plane that afternoon.

We finally got home Tuesday evening. Our Easyjet flight was delayed so we didn’t get in until late. Overall it was a very fun holiday.We saw some cool things and ate some nice food. Our next holiday is a weekend in Paris for our anniversary in just over a month, hurrah!

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