As some of you probably noticed, this blog has been running rather slowly of late. I was using webspace kindly provided by Dave Cross but the server, which is also used as a mail server, was being battered by spam and therefore running a little slowly.

I thought this is would be a good opportunity to look at hosting myself. I haven’t paid for hosting since I had space at *cough* Geocities *cough* so I was glad to see what was on offer and get a handle on prices and features. I ended up decided on a company called RX Hosting as they provided everything I was after including a couple of MySQL databases, support for loads of scripting languages  and the ability to just update the IP address with my domain to swap things over (a good few companies refused to host unless you transferred your domain to them… no thank you, I’m very happy with

So things are running much quicker which makes comment spam maintenance and general WordPress fiddling much easier as well as just generally surfing the site.

I also took this as an opportunity to upgrade my installation of WordPress to 3.0.1. I haven’t noticed a huge amount of difference but I haven’t really had time to delve in properly. I had to change my theme as the one I was using before (Suffusion) lost the option to customise colours and styles when I updated it for some reason.

I hope you like the new look (although it was one of the first themes I came across so I may end up changing it soon) and hopefully things will be a bit quicker round here.