If not, I hope you have a spare few thousand pounds knocking around because otherwise you might have to make some pretty difficult decisions.

Last week we picked our kitten Sailor up from The Royal Veternary College. If you’ve not read anything about our worries with him, he basically had massive kidney failure that forced him to spend a week being treated by specialists. Luckily he made it home and he seems to be back to his normal self. But this was of course incredibly expensive.

The total bill ended up being in the region of £2500. This is actually less than originally thought but it’s still a pretty huge sum of money for most people. The best thing about it was that we never had to make a financial decision  about whether we could afford his treatment. When our vet asked if they could perform tests that would cost around £300 we could just say yes. When they said his only chance of survival was to take him to a specialist that could cost over £4000 we just picked him up and took him straight there. This is because the first thing we did when we got him was to take out pet insurance.

We pay around £7 a month for him (although I’m sure it’ll go up next year after this claim) which is a pretty tiny amount of money. I know insurance companies can be evil. Many will do all they can to not pay out but we have never had this problem with Sainsbury’s. They paid out straight away for Fritz (our other cat) when we had to stay in the vets with a blocked bladder (that claim was around £600) and they have already sent a check to our local vets for the care he received there.

I don’t want this post to be preachy but I would just like to make people think about their situation as I have many friends with pets that I know would be heartbroken if they had to be put down due to lack of money. Of course you my be lucky and your pet won’t get ill throughout their whole life but what if they did?

You might end up paying much more in insurance over the course of their life but unless you can rustle up a few thousand pounds in a couple of days it’s much easier to just pay less than £10 a month for the piece of mind.

It’s just something to think about.