Now this is a slightly more hopeful post than I thought I would be writing today. On Tuesday our new kitten Sailor started acting strangely. He wasn’t eating and was very sleepy. I took him to the vets but they couldn’t find anything wrong with him so they sent me home and said to see how he was the next day. The next day he was worse. Luckily I already had the day booked off so I could keep an eye on him. I booked him another appointment at the vets. I had to move the appointment forward as he was getting pretty bad at this point. His back legs had gone floppy and he was just lying on his side staring into space.

The vet decided to take him in for tests. A hour or so later I got a call informing me Sailor’s kidneys weren’t working properly. For some reason they weren’t filtering correctly. The vet was fairly sure he wasn’t going to make it. They kept him in for more tests and  night crew called us to ask if they could perform a few treatments that might help. We, of course, agreed. We went to sleep last night fairly sure that we would wake up to a call telling us he had died in the night.

The morning came and the phone rang. Sailor had made it through the night. He was a bit happier, his bladder was filling which was good and he had even eaten. His blood, however, was still seeing no improvement. Jordan and I decided not to go into work for the morning as we could see us having to make a decision about his future. Later in the morning the vets called again saying they had tried everything and couldn’t think of anything else that might help but they could refer him to a specialist.

So within an hour we were on the way to The Royal Veterinary College near Potters Bar with a very poorly kitten. At the hospital we handed Sailor over and spoke with the vet. He wasn’t quite as pessimistic as the local vet but he was still very cautious. His blood contained a huge about of potassium. Apparently too much potassium can stop a heart instantly so he could just drop dead. They are keeping him in for 5-7 days. This is at a cost of two to four thousand pounds. Luckily the 14 days cooling off period for our insurance ended on the Monday. A day later and we wouldn’t be able to help him so much.

So we are waiting to see how things go. There is still a chance things could go horribly wrong but we are a little more hopeful than last night. Even if he doesn’t make it through we know we have done all that we can.

Wish him luck.