It’s not much but I’ve got a little more  information on the fibre optic internet trial that is supposed to be happening in Milton Keynes (Walnut Tree specifically) over this year. I thought I’d post the leaflet that can be obtained from the Openreach vans that are dotted around the area.

I went to the web address on the leaflet which doesn’t really give any hard facts. However if you look at the table detailing deployment dates it lists Milton Keynes as being fibre enabled in December 2010. This is a fair bit later than the June date that was being tossed around a few months ago. I’m hoping this is referring to the rest of Milton Keynes and not Walnut Tree as we are supposed to be getting it first. If we have to wait until December then I feel sorry for the rest of the city.

There is still no word on which ISPs are going to be in the trial which is annoying.

I suppose at least the fact that there are vans around and this leaflet is being handed out mean that something is being done. I just hope it doesn’t take too long.