Jordan and I had pretty much ruled out going on holiday this year. I’m not quite sure why as we are doing better for money at the moment then ever before but we also have a huge amount of outgoings this year including student fees and buying Jordan a new laptop for when she starts her Masters.

After deciding we could probably get away with a short weekend in Europe we started looking at Amsterdam, Berlin or maybe somewhere in Italy. Whilst these are all places we would really like to go, they tend to get fairly expensive once you choose a decent hotel or a time that is not freezing cold.

This evening we sat half watching a ‘moving abroad’ type programme on Sky and came across a couple wanting to buy a place in Slovenia.We’ve never really considered Slovenia but only the other day I was saying that I’d like to see more of Eastern(ish) Europe as it tends to contain some really striking architecture. So we had a quick look at WikiTravel (one of the best websites around if you’re interested in travel) and really liked what we saw.

After some pretty quick decisions (which is how we usually we do this kind of thing) we ended up booking 4 nights over the August bank holiday in a 4* hotel for a really reasonable price.

Now to start planning what to do. We both like the look of Bled – a town an hour outside of the capital Ljubljana. There also seem to be quite a few very picturesque castles around.

So it’s hardly your average holiday but we both agree that it’s best to get these places out of the way before they are discovered by more people and become commercialised. Needless to say I’m looking forward to it.