The Hub in Milton Keynes is an odd place. Central Milton Keynes never really got the whole restaurant thing. There were a few chain Italian places, one really nice Malysian place and a whole load of horrible family restaurants. That was meant to change with the opening of The Hub. Here were some up proper restaurants in a swanky location that should impress even people not from MK that are actually used to decent eating. Of course they are still all chain restaurants but at least we’re trying.

The location is nice and it makes a change to the frankly quite frightening Theatre District. I imagine on a summer’s night it looks quite trendy with everyone sitting out in the central court yard.

Last Friday we decided to try out Strada. We had a table booked but were still asked to wait at the bar whilst one was found. We were only there five minutes but I always feel awkward just waiting around holding my coat (there was a hanger but it was accompanied by a sign proclaiming Strada’s lack of responsibility if my coat was stolen).

Once we sat down the service was fairly average. No one asked if the food was OK or anything which was annoying as Jordan wanted to mention the unripe avocado in her salad.

The food was alright. My gnocci starter served with a cheese sauce had bit of a skin which made me think it’d been sitting out but at least it tasted OK.

My chilli and broccoli pasta was really tasty. I really hate over cooked broccoli so I was happy when I was greeted with a satisfying crunch.

The main issue I had with the place was price. Now I’m not saying it’s an expensive place at all but I just feel that it was a little overpriced. This may be because I used to live in Brighton where we had a small chain of Italian restaurants that provided really tasty, authentic food for very little money. I don’t know… I’ve eaten some really good Italian food so maybe I’m picky.