My first terabyte hard drive arrived the other day. Excitedly I installed it in my server but I was quickly disappointed when it wasn’t recognised in Ubuntu’s disk utility. I tried swapping SATA ports on the motherboard and quickly discovered that the second SATA port is broken… bugger.

So I went on to Amazon and ordered a PCI 4 port SATA card that was Linux compatible. I was going to buy it at some point anyway but I was hoping I could hold off for a while and use my external hard drive for the media back up disk. Due to my impatience I decided to take up Amazon’s offer of a free month of Amazon Prime (free one day delivery). All went well and I collected the card from the depot the next day.

So today I installed the SATA card and plugged in the 1TB hard disk which was recognised straight away. Hurrah! All i had to do then was add a couple of folders to my Netatalk (open source implementation of the Apple Filing Protocol or AFP) config file and up popped the server on my Finder side bar.

Now what’s the best thing about creating this kind of network? Naming all the computers of course! I decided to name everything after towns in Final Fantasy VII. The server is obviously called ‘Midgar’ after the main city. I haven’t yet decided between Wutai or Junon for the Macbook Pro. If I ever buy myself a computer for the living room I’ll call that ‘Gold Saucer’.

The rest of the day was spent copying hundreds of gigabytes of videos and music over to the server. I connected everything up with ethernet to take advantage of the increased speed over wireless but it still took hours. Everything is copied now though so I just need to sort out the back up of the media drive and start testing out Time Machine (Mac back up utility) with the network share. Time Machine isn’t designed to work over network by default so it could all go horribly wrong. If it does there is always Carbon Copy Cloner.

And for people that like to look at cables here is ‘Midgar’ derobed…