Today Apple finally released the updated Macbook Pros. I was a bit miffed that the 13″ models are stuck with the already outdated Core 2 Duos as opposed to the shiny new Core i5s or i7s. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue for me as I am using my higher education discount to get 15% off which means if I decide to sell in a years time I will make the vast majority of what I paid back to put towards the new model.

So anyway, this means I need to push forward with my server plans as my iMac will have to be sold once the laptop is bought. To start off I have bought the first of three 1TB hard disks. I decided on the Western Digital WD10EARS due to its slow spin speed (5200rpm) which I’m hoping will lead to increased reliability (speed will not be an issue due to the 100Mb network bottleneck).

I already have a 500GB external which will donate its hard disk for storage. The 1TB will work as main media storage and back up for the Macbook. The 500 GB will back up the first drives media storage but not the Macbook back ups… this means everything will be in two places and therefore fairly safe. Hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade the 500 to a terabyte before space becomes an issue. The 500 will then relegated to back up storage for the Macbook.

So that’s the plan so far. I’m going to call the Milton Keynes Apple Store tomorrow and find out when to expect stock of the new Macbooks and I’ll hopefully have one before the weekend.

Expect me to post here with my impressions and unboxing photos… *such a nerd*