This is how I would describe the feeling the day after getting root treatment at the dentist. The procedure was fine. In fact it was the first time that I have had an oral anaesthetic so I found that pretty entertaining. I was always under the impression that it took ages to kick in but this one numbed that side of my mouth in a few minutes.

As with most things I do/buy/go to I thought I’d research the procedure on the internet. I’m not a squeamish person but the idea of someone drilling into your tooth’s root canals and then pulling out all the organic matter is slightly unsettling. Knowing what was happening made the procedure all the more bizarre as I could slightly feel what was happening. Even though it doesn’t hurt, it still doesn’t feel quite right having someone drilling into your head like that.

I didn’t feel any pain until waking up early on Saturday morning (I went on the Friday). The feeling to not unlike getting a hard knock to the face. It didn’t sting in any particular place but all my upper teeth on that side felt very tender.

Apparently he has drilled out three of the root canals which he thinks is all of them. There is a chance, however, that one has been missed and I’ll have to go through it all again next week. If all went to plan then I’ll be getting a crown.

Now the main problem with all of this is the money. Overall this is costing me around £400 which is a bit of a kick in the bollocks. Especially when I have a hundred and one things on my ‘to buy’ list.