Today I went back to the dentist for the next stage in finally sorting out this cracked tooth that has been causing me problems for the past two years. Today was more of the same – clearing out the root canals of all the organic stuff so they can fill it in a couple of weeks. I’m not looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning with the pain again.

My next appointment is on the 13th April where they’ll fill the tooth in preparation for a crown in a couple of months.

I paid £144.00 today for the last two appointments. It sounds expensive but the NHS dentist I saw originally just wanted to pull the thing out or refer me to a specialist who’d charge £600 for the procedure. Also the dentist I am going to is really amazing. He’s very gentle and talks you through every thing he does. If you need a dentist they are based in Stony Stratford and are called I.A. Patel and come with a huge recommendation from me.