Today BT announced a load of extra exchanges that are being fibre enabled over the next year and a bit. This is slightly different to the Fibre to the Premises that I wrote about a couple of weeks a go. Rather than piping the fibre directly into the home they will connect the street’s cabinet to the excange via fibre optics and then leave the final run to the same old copper we are using now. This leads to much improved speeds (Up to 40Mb) due to the hugely decreased distance the signal has to travel on low quality copper cabling. The released pricing doesn’t even look too bad.

Now the good news today is that two exchanges in Milton Keynes (Shenly Church End and Wolverton) will be fibre enabled. This is very good news to me as these exchanges cover the two areas in which I would happily live if I were to move within Milton Keynes. This means I won’t be too sad to see my (future… figures crossed) 100Mb connection go.

On the subject of the FTTP plans for my area I have seen a fair few Openreach vans around Walnut Tree. I have spotted a few parks on the H9 Groveway road between Walnut Tree and Kents Hill. They have also been spotted by Jordan on Dunchurch Dale which is only about 30 metres from the back of my house. I still haven’t heard anything concrete from BT about it all but from the activity that I’ve seen and from what people on the Think Broadband forums have reported it looks like it’s all going ahead. Lets just hope it lives up to expectations.