I spent the weekend in London visiting in the ‘in laws’. This was the last weekend we could get down and stay as they are having some pretty extensive building work done to the house which means no house visitors for at least four months. Friday night we went to a tapas restaurant called The Lounge which is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to eat in London. After much tapas and beer we ventured home.

On Saturday it was suggested that we check out the Horniman Museum (the website really doesn’t do it justice, they seem to brush over all of the stuff I found most interesting).  The museum was set up by Victorian tea trader who collected curiosities during his travels all over the world. As this was ‘the olden times’ this includes many weird and wonderful animals that were obviously shot and brought back to the U.K. Other items include pickled and dissected animals in jars showing the brain and other internal organs, various animal bones and even a human baby skeleton. All in all it is a rather wonderful and somewhat unknown attraction which I cannot recommend enough.

Jordan (my girlfriend for anyone who didn’t know) loves taxidermy. She is also a vegetarian. Whilst walking round we started discussing whether it was OK for a vegetarian to like this kind of taxidermy. We have talked about getting our cat, Fritz, stuffed once he’s dead but I think that is different as the animal wasn’t killed just for stuffing. Jordan decided that at least these animals shot 100 years ago on the other side of the world were teaching generations of people about the natural world and anything that gets children excited about nature is a positive thing.  And obviously the Victorians were complete bastards when it came to exploring the world so a few animals are really the least of our worries.

Any vegetarians out there have a view on this?