So here it is. My (I think) forth attempt at blogging. My last blog fell into disrepair whilst I was working in the media industry. I kept wanting to write about what a horrible time I was having and what bastards I had to take orders from but I was always too worried about potential employers Googling my name and finding a post where I bad mouthed their closest and dearest friend in the industry.  I didn’t really have much else to talk about due to the fact that I was sometimes working 60 hour weeks and didn’t really get much time to do more interesting things.

So I just stopped.

My last post was in April. So at least it has been less than a year.

My last blog was also lacking personality. For some unknown reason I didn’t tend to talk about things that I did or places I went. I think I had ideas above my station and took the whole thing a little too seriously. I hope that this one will be a little more personal. As well as that I’ll probably end up writing about my many interests like computers, video games, films, books, travelling and whatever else pops in to my head. I’ll also cover what I’m doing in my Open University course maybe.

By the way, I haven’t really spent any time fiddling with things on here so I’m sure there are many rough edges. This is my first time using my own proper webserver (I did have a paid Geocities account back in the day but the less said about that the better) so I’m still working things out. I settled upon using WordPress as they have an iPhone application for blog management. I wonder how many decisions are made by that fact. The Natwest bank iPhone app almost had me tempted…

Anyway, that’s enough for tonight but I will hopefully make my first post soon.

Good night.