Apologies for what is going to be a pretty nerdy post. I’ve just finished up reading the live feed from of the event Apple HQ regarding the new iPhone software update coming this summer. 

Last year we got the iPhone 3G and with it OS 2.0. This was a pretty big jump because we got things like the App Store – a repository of applications that practically increased the usefulness of the iPhone ten fold (as well as giving the world thousands of awful games and a fart simulator).
This year looks like it’s going to be a similar leap with some very much needed features. For instance at the moment the iPhone can’t copy and paste text. It sounds like something you wouldn’t use that much but when you have a fairly full e-mail client and web browser you quickly realise that it would be very much appreciated. For instance you can’t text a phone number or e-mail address from Contacts… you actually have to write it down on a piece of paper or borrow someone else’s phone… not very smart for a smart phone.
Another thing I can’t do at the moment is send or receive media messages. My Nokia from 2003 did this… why can’t my £400 phone from 2008? Well, this will be finally added in the summer. I didn’t tend to send a lot of media messages but it’s quite annoying when someone sends you one and you have to load up the web browser and input your phone  number and a random code (without copy and paste) just to see someone’s hilarious photo they just had to send you…
There are lots of other nice updates that I’m sure will be incredibly useful but there was still no mention of some pretty basic features that are missing. I still can’t sync my to do list from my calendar for instance – even though its a default Apple application (iCal) that has shipped on Macs since the dark ages.
See… Apple do annoy me sometimes! I’m not that much of a Fanboy :-/
Right… enough typing… must go back to playing GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS :-D