On Wednesday mornings we have to vacate the house as the cleaner comes and (strangely enough) cleans. This usually includes breakfast out and then a fair amount of time killing until we can return at 12 o’clock. Today Jordan and I decided to head over to the Skeletons of London exhibit at the Wellcome Collection in Euston.

It was fairly odd experience staring at long dead bodies and reading about their lives – most of which included a good deal of rickets, gout and dental problems. There were even a few that were excavated from a similar area that all exhibited signs of facial damage thought to be caused to drunken behaviour. Not much has changed in London in 200 years then.
The skeletons’ ages range from about 1900 years old to about 150. They are in various states of wholeness… some only having a few limbs and about 2 ribs and others only missing the tips of their fingers. One even had had a craniotomy which gave us the opportunity to peak inside the cavity… spooky.
All in all, a very fun and interested hour or so was spent staring at these skinless fellows.  Not bad for a free exhibition.