Now I know I’m late again on this one but I’ve just started using For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, it’s a music recommendation site where you type in (or import from iTunes) a list of your favourite bands and it recommends music to you based on this information. You can also just search for music like (insert band name) and it’ll play you a seemingly never ending playlist of songs from bands in the same genre. You are also given the option to add songs as they play to your ‘love this’ list or banned list.

At the moment I’m listening to music like Mogwai and I’ve already made a list of bands I need to buy albums from. Some highlights are Mono and This Will Destroy You. I wasn’t aware of the fact that there are so many good instrumental post rock bands around. I’m very picky about vocalists in bands and I often finding myself liking the music and hating the voice – these bands do away with that problem which is probably why I pretty much like them all.