In my post from last week I wrote about how I had managed to get some unpaid work editing a band promotional video. Well sadly hat project fell through due to my camera being unable to transfer HD footage into Final Cut Pro. 
This week, however, I was given some SD footage to use for a different band. I spent a day or so playing with the footage and sent it off to my contact who is organising these promotions. Apparently it was the best he’s seen so far. I’ve sent it over to the visual effect guy who will add a few touches here and there and hopefully I will have the final piece by Monday or so.
In the mean time, here is my edit of the footage. In classic Youtube fashion the quality is terrible but you get the idea. I will upload the final version when I have it. The band is called Kojo (there is no link because apparently they are revamping their Myspace at the moment).