As I have mentioned many times before I grew up watching Japanese animation. Not the nice Studio Ghibli stuff, but the fairly mature films and series. One of these series was a four parter called 3×3 Eyes. It followed the story of a teenager who meets up with the last of a race of triclopse who is on a quest to become human. The fourth episode ends with a fairly exciting cliff hanger. This being the early-to-mid 90s there was no (for me) internet in which to discover that this was in fact based on a manga series and there was lots more to the story. 

After rediscovering, and subsequently watching, many of my old anime videos I realised that there were probably more episodes available. I managed to grab the last part of the series a few months ago but never got round to watching it due to travelling. Well, today I sat and watched a couple of episodes today and it feels so odd continuing the story about thirteen years on.
A similar thing happened recently with the release of an updated Guyver series that was much closer to the original manga and expanded on many story elements that were left out of the early 90s series. 
On a side note, it seems very odd that Hollywood haven’t tried to remake any of the high profile anime. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a live action Akira starring Leonardo Dicaprio as Kaneda yet… oh dear… after writing that I did a search on IMDb and found this
I despair, I really do.
What next? Ghost in the Shell with Keira Knightly as the Major and Orlando Bloom as Batou?