A few years ago my girlfriend received a booked called 1001 Movies to See Before You Die. Due to Jordan’s love of ticking things off lists, we decided that it would be fun to tick off the films that we have seen and work our way through the book. To be honest, we haven’t been the dedicated high brow film watchers that we hoped but we have managed to watch a fair few. 

Some time last week we decided to make a concerted effort to work our way through the list. We have also set up a spreadsheet to mark off each film so we get a running total… it also makes searching for a film on there much easier.
So this week I have watched…
Roman Holiday 
Annie Hall 
The Great Escape 
Wolf Man 
Easy Rider 
Grave of the Fireflies 
Things to Come 
The Maltese Falcon
The Great Train Robbery 
Only Angels Have Wings 
Rabbit-Proof Fence 
Muriel’s Wedding
There was, I’m sure, one other film on that list but I cannot for the life of me remember what film I watched before The Maltese Falcon. I suppose that says something about how much I enjoyed The Maltese Falcon… good ol’ Bogie.
For any one curious about what’s included the 2008 list can be found here.