Hurrah and Huzzah. I am home at last… well, I have been home for about a week but I have neglected my blog in place of many important tasks such as seeing missed friends, searching for a job (my most hated of activities) and of course getting a hold of the iPhone 3G.

As you may have read back in July, my trusty K800i gave up after around 22 months of loyal service. Upon arriving home I quickly went about trying to acquire another phone. I was given two phones but each one was locked to a different carrier and, as I am new to Balham, I have no idea where I would go to get these things unlocked. This of course proved to me that an iPhone was meant to be and after much confusion and O2 generally being arses I managed to procure an 8GB GodPhone.
It arrived on Monday so I have had a while to play with it and come up with a few first impressions.
Firstly, it’s beautiful. But everyone knows that and everyone knows how fun the multi touch interface is. I haven’t had any of the problems that seem to be popping up on Mac and iPhone forums. My battery life is as expected – if I use Wi-Fi or 3G to surf the web  and download apps from the app store or use the GPS to find my way I get about 13 hours of battery life. If I leave it in standby and only use the net every no and then, it’ll last for days. As I bought it because I liked the idea of always having internet access, I am happy to charge it every night.
My 3G signal is fine. Inside the house I get two bars which is still enough to comfortably surf websites. Outside I get full signal. In fact yesterday I had to go to Ealing Broadway and on the final part of the journey where the tube goes over ground I managed to read my e-mails to get an address and then use Google maps to search that address. All from a train carriage.
As you can see I have never had mobile internet so this is all rather exciting. It’s a long way from spending 5 minutes checking your e-mails and paying about £2 for the privilege.