We have been here in Tokyo now for a few days and time is really going quickly.

After my last entry, we went out to a restaurant in Roppongi Hills, a really flash, newly built area with designer shops. The place we found is a restaurant where they serve you a selection of things fried in breadcrumbs. Whilst this may not sound like the tastiest thing in the world, it was in fact quite nice. Jordan had a load of different vegetables but I had a much more exciting dinner. The pieces started out quite tame with beef and chicken but quickly moved to a slightly more bizarre affair. There was a whole fish and a prawn with his legs still on. The octopus tentacle was interesting… a bit like squid but with really chewy suckers.

The following day we headed over to Harajuku which is well known for it’s clothes shops, some of which are designer boutiques but there are a few alleys that remind you more of Camden Town than Oxford Street. The streets were incredibly busy and it was difficult to get into any shops so we have made a note to come back and maybe pick up something.

We then ventured across town to our hostel which is in Asakusa. We managed to find a restaurant that had an English menu so we wondered in. We were a little confused to find a hot plate in the middle of our table which we quickly worked out was for us to cook our own food. It was all very confusing and again we didn’t really know what had meat and what did not so we just had to hope for the best.

We spent some of the next day looking at the huge shrine in Asakusa and investigating the surrounding area. Today we went over to the zoo which was both fun and a little depressing – are polar bears ever not the saddest thing to see in a zoo? Also, Ling Ling the panda had died 4 months before so we couldn’t see her.

We have the rest of our time in Tokyo planned out and even with a fairly hectic schedule we are going to have to miss some stuff out. I’m not sure what people are saying when we said two weeks would be too much.