Well, I almost feel like Oliver Twist at the moment. Whilst I really do enjoy Japanese food and I used to happily eat a box of sushi for lunch most days at work and eat at Pompoko every week, when it is your only choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner you start getting a little tired of it.

Jordan and I have spent most of this evening fantasising about sausage and mash, pizza and various other forms of culinary delights.

I should explain. The Japanese really like Japanese food. They are content with eating rice bowls, noodles, yakitori, tempura and various other dishes. There just aren’t the abundance of ethnic restaurants like there is in London, Brighton or even New Zealand and the US. Every restaurant listed in our Rough Guide is Japanese cuisine which has made it really difficult to find anything else as we cannot read the signs and I’m not even going to get into the Japanese address system.

This may be because, from our little experience, the Japanese are not very good at replicating other country’s dishes. We ventured into an Italian restaurant as it was the only one in the area with an English menu. Jordan ended up with the most bizarre minestrone soup and our pizza tasted more like a savoury crepe.

We have decided that tomorrow we will make a concerted effort to find an English restaurant… maybe even a beloved Irish pub to see if we can actually find a completely vegetarian meal (one that Jordan won’t have to spend the meal picking pieces of fish out of).

On a brighter note, we had an excellent night last night at the Kamiya bar where we had giant glasses of Asahi and I ate deep fried squid tentacle. We were also sequestered by several drunk Japanese businessmen who were so excited to see a pair of westerners in the bar that they hummed the British national anthem and tried to buy us beers several times. Of course this was all conducted in Japanese so we were very confused and just kept bowing, nodding and smiling.

And to finish, let me tell you I am currently drinking the weirdest tasting milk I have ever had.