Rather annoyingly we have spent the last few days with little to do in the lakeside town of Taupo. We arrived in the evening a few days ago and straightaway we knew that this was not going to go as planned. The weather has been distinctly colder than the other places we have visited in New Zealand to to it’s elevation and position next to a large lake. This has hampered our ability to do anything remotely to do with the outside world. We planned on taking a boat ride out on the lake but all were cancelled due to the weather.

We leave for Auckland at 2:30 this afternoon and then fly to Tokyo on Wednesday at 11:30PM. We are both looking forward to being warm (possibly too warm) in Japan after two weeks of cold weather.

Apologies for the lack of photos on my Flickr stream. The internet cafes have been a little crap at having flash player and I’m not uploading each picture individually. I may just save them all until Tokyo and spent 3 seconds uploading them all in a high speed internet cafe.