Mark Twain once said ‘the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco’. This I can personally vouch for.  Out of the four days that we have spent in this city, only two have been what we would consider hot. Even on the warm days there have been moments of chilly wind. 

We arrived quite late in the evening on Friday after a nine hour bus journey through the desert of California. We were met at the bus station by Simon, our friend who lives in San Fran, and dropped our stuff off at this loft apartment. We headed off to meet some of Simon’s work mates who had stayed drinking at work. This is one of those moments that you really wished who worked for a silicon valley tech company. We walked in on a few people sitting on huge sofas in the middle of the office drinking what can only be described as the largest bottle of Barcadi you have ever seen. We sat drinking there before heading back to eat pizza at the flat.
The next day we went out to a street festival with two of Simon’s friends that are visiting from Amsterdam, Jos and Vicky, and ended up holing up in Francis Ford Coppola’s restaurant (yes, he owns it). We spent a few hours drinking and ,unbeknownst to me, getting very burnt. I noticed once we got home that I had a bright red forehead and nose. Luckily I didn’t get any pealing as I covered myself in aftersun about ten times per day.
On Sunday we decided it would be fun to have a picnic in the park. We got on the Muni and headed over to Golden Gate Park with cheese, olives, bread and things to eat with wine.  This ended up being a huge mistake as the temperature dropped dramatically and we ended up shivering through our little picnic. We decided to head over to a bar to heat up and ended up spending about 4 hours there.
Monday was fairly uneventful but today we walked over and booked our tickets to Alcatraz before walking up to Golden Gate Bridge.  We got fairly close before decided it was time to start walking home. Now we are having a long relax and considering watching something shitty on the home cinema.