I’m a bit scared.

My girlfriend and I start our two month holiday on Monday when we fly out to Los Angeles. Whilst I am very excited and this really is a trip of a life time, it’s really bloody scary.

I’ve traveled on my own before. I managed to get to a festival in Germany with no grasp of German whatsoever but at least I was only a few hundred miles away. This time I will be half way across the planet.

I think we are pretty prepared. I’m currently printing off a few copies of all of our e-tickets. In fact, the e-tickets are probably not helping the situation. It used to be that if you were booking something you would have a ticket in your hand, or at least a letter telling you that you had booked your hotel. We have a few automated e-mails telling us that everything is A-OK.

That’s all I wanted to say at the moment but be prepared for several more posts describing my apprehension over the next three days.