I have had a Flickr account for a while now but I have never just sat and really looked through other people’s pictures.

I’ve really been missing out.

There are some really amazing photographers out there. I found a few pictures of the Hong Kong skyline and some of the amazing looking people in Harajuku, Tokyo. However, it was this HDR image of Battersea Power Station that really excited me. It is my favourite building in London because it looks like something pulled straight out of Nineteen Eighty Four (in fact, if I remember correctly, it was the Ministry of Love in the 1984 film). I also have a bit of a thing for HDR – it makes things look so surreal and dream like. It also has a tendency to make skies look very ominous. I liked it so much that it is currently my desktop wallpaper.

Although all this has just made me want a DSLR. Anyone got a spare £500?