Oh dear. Today I found out that the city I will be living in from August will be run by a cartoon character.

We British officially now have no right to make fun of Americans electing celebrities as politicians. At least Arney was in Terminator 2, which was much more of a success than our friend Boris could ever hope for from his TV appearances (which mainly consisted of him being humiliated by Paul Merton and Ian Hislop on Have I Got News For You).
From watching interviews with Boris supporters from around the city, I get the feeling that people have incredibly short memories. This is a man who vehemently opposed gay marriage, attacked Liverpool so soon after the beheading of Ken Bigley and is essentially a racist – not really a great choice for the face of London. Just look at the controversies section on his Wikipedia page
But oh well, in the words of Charlie Brooker ‘ROFL!! LOOK AT HIS FUNNY HAIR!!!! LOL HE IS A LEGERND!!!!11111′