… the police do apparently.  Only joking! Although I often made my views on the shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes very clear to anyone that would hear them, it seems that the recent police shooting of Mark Saunders was fairly justified.  However, the Guardian have run a piece about how he was shot ‘a number of times’ as the police disabled him. The family are also quoted as saying ‘he didn’t endanger anyone at all to my knowledge’. 

Sorry, but the man had a shotgun which he was using to shoot at his neighbours houses.
From the reporting so far, it seems that the police officers has just cause to shoot the man. I agree that when dealing with these situations, the officer should always aim to disable the target – preferably not killing him, but if the target sustains fatal wounds then it really can’t be avoided. 
I know this post sounds really a little right-wing, and for that I apologise, I really do, but people really shouldn’t be walking around with shotguns. I know he had a license for it, but why are we even still issuing licenses for firearms? 
And who needs a shotgun in Chelsea?