Our big move from Brighton to London started this past weekend. The first load of stuff was taken up in my infinitely small car and unloaded at Jordan’s parents house where we will be staying for a while until we get on to our feet.

Jordan had to stay in London to settle in our cat so I am at home trying to decide what to take in phase two. I have packed away the last few hundred DVDs and a few of the lighter books. I have filled a few bags with clothes that I rarely wear and I’ve take apart a bookshelf and the two units that I keep my stereo in.
I was then left with the decision to pack away my stereo and rely on my iMac’s internal speakers or keep it set up and deal with it later. Firstly I tested out the iMac’s speakers. I think I have used them possibly once or twice in the entire life on the computer. They are surprisingly good. Of course they are not up to the standard of even a fairly cheap all in one system but I imagine the average person could happily use the internal speakers for movies and even music.
I then decided to place my stereo’s speakers on the desk, as they would be in our new room, and give them a good listen. Now my house mate, Richey, has just managed to get back his vinyl collection and record deck from his ex-girlfriend so we were having the obligatory conversation about how much better vinyl sounds than CD and (obviously) MP3. This got me thinking about my stereo and, in particular how CDs sound on it, as I rarely use my CD player. I just run my computer into my amplifier (with a £30 cable no less) and listen to my iTunes library.
So for this test I decided to use a few CDs – the first being The Cure’s 2004 self titled album. The verdict was fairly obvious. Even through my pretty mid range stereo, the difference in quality was huge. I think the shape of my room and the rather sorry state of my speaker stands weren’t doing me any favours as the new placement of the speakers on the desk has really helped with the wobbly bass sound I was getting.
Anyway, I think I have decided to keep the stereo set up and I will deal with it when I have to pack away the iMac.
Clearly I’m not just a nerd for computers…