I’m sure that anyone who is remotely interested in technology, Apple in particular, will have heard of the small company Psystar who have recently hit the headlines with their Open Mac. For the rest of you, the Open Mac is a regular PC that is (apparently) able to run OS X with no difficult fiddling. You can even order it with Leopard pre-installed. 

Sounds fishy? You’d be right.
Over the last few days several websites have been trying to contact Psystar to get some details. A few have succeeded in getting a phone interview with the Director of the company but nothing new has really been learnt. The most details came about when the Guardian’s Charles Arthur did some digging. He couldn’t find anything about Psystar from before this week and the company isn’t even listed with the Miami Chamber of Commerce.
The best bit came when Charles did a google map search for the address and found it to be a small residential home. A few minutes later the address had changed to an industrial estate. Gizmodo popped down to this address and found no trace of the company…
I’m loving this little mystery. I hope no one got caught up in the hype and actually ordered one of these things because it’s looking more and more likely that they will never see their much anticipated Hackintosh. 
I wonder what surprises tomorrow holds!