The only reason I look forward to Monday morning is Charlie Brooker’s excellent weekly column on the Guardian website. I could read it in the Sunday paper but I’m high-tech… and I like killing 5 minutes at work whilst pealing crusty chunks out of my sleep deprived eye sockets.

This weeks column got me worried. I have never been good in the mornings.  I do always get up on time for work, but it’s not easy or pretty. I have, however, always been under the impression that once I hit my mid to late twenties I will enjoy getting up early.  I will be up and eating an elaborate breakfast at 8am on a Saturday morning whilst planning the days activities.
Well, it seems this will never happen as I believe I see more of my morning thoughts and feelings in our friend Charlie’s little rant than is practically healthy. It’s not like I don’t get enough sleep.  It’s just that getting up with 7 hours sleep in a lot more palatable at noon than it is at 8am.
Oh well, at least I have Charlie to greet me good morning on that most terrible of days.