So by the time I finish writing this post, Grad Theft Auto IV will be on sale. This is probably the first time that I have been genuinely jealous of PS3/XBox 360 owners. 

I have never really been one for putting the time and effort into games to complete them – most of the time I play it until I get stuck and then leave it for months with the optimistic idea that I will come back to it. The only games I have completed in the past few years would be New Super Mario Bros (DS), Star Fox Command (DS) and Half Life 2 (PC). Then why am I annoyed about not being able to play GTAIV? Because you don’t need to finish a GTA to still enjoy it. Admittedly, the reason I didn’t finish San Andreas was because my disk wouldn’t load past half way through the last mission but I still had hours of fun flying the planes and ‘9/11-ing it’ (tasteful I know).
This, it would seem, would put me firmly in the newly coined casual gamer category that Nintendo has so successfully captured – but I’m not so sure. I enjoy my DS, I really loved Zelda on it (that one I put down and just never picked it up again. I’m sure I’ll find the time on one of my many long haul flights though), and I often lust after the idea of playing Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Galaxy. The only problem I have found with Nintendo consoles post SNES is that the third party games tend to be really really awful. Anything made by Miyamoto is going to amazing, that’s obvious, but what the hell is all this Catz, Hamsterz and bloody Pippa Funnell?! Girls want well designed games too.
So this leaves me with only one option. Buy a Wii for the less challenging games that you can pick up for an hour here and there and fork out a whole £300 for a PS3 for the odd big game that comes out. I know, I know, most people would recommend buying a 360 as they are cheaper and there are more games but to those people I would say ‘please go away and die’. Not only is the XBox noisy, unreliable and really, really ugly it also has possibly the worst controller ever created. Any controller that makes me… ME unable to play Street Fighter II is not worth using. I don’t care if it’s expensive or has no games, give me a Playstation 3 any day. Plus, I am already crying inside about not being able to play Wipeout HD and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. 
I really am a Sony Fanboy at heart.