I have been fairly terrible at giving this blog the attention it deserves over the last week or so. Partly this is because my girlfriend has been using my iMac for her university dissertation (her TiBook is still out of service due to a faulty power supply. I’ve ordered another one so hopefully I can use that while she uses the iMac. It’s running Leopard and I think Time Machine was designed specifically for people writing two 8000 word essays). 

But mostly it is because of Dexter. Now I usually detest american serials. I did watch the first series of Lost over the course of about 3 days but I gave up after episode 12 of series 2 when I realised that nothing significant had happened. 
But Dexter is different.
Dexter is a US cop drama with a twist. The protagonist, Dexter Morgan, is himself a serial killer who hunts down murderers to relieve his dark urges. The characters are generally likeable with the exception of Debra, Dexter’s adoptive sister and the dialogue is clever and witty. The audience is supposed to identify with Dexter thus supporting him in his morally dubious affairs (a device that found the show embroiled in controversy when it aired on American non cable TV). 
I won’t carry on with some lengthily review but I will urge you to give Dexter a watch. The first series is coming out on DVD next month and I think ITV are running it at the moment. I suggest going down the DVD route as the idea of having to wait a week between episodes is really quite terrifying…