Apologies again for the lack of posts. I’ve had a bit of a hectic week with all the joblessness and looking for work.  Not to mention the fact that my flat is a bit of a guest house at the moment. We had two friends staying for the week and another who just likes to crash here… it was crowded to say the least.  I have, therefore, spent most of my time entertaining guests not to mention also helping my girlfriend with university essays. 

All of these things add up to one thing… not a lot of activity in my usual life. I don’t think I watched a single movie last week (hence no Movies of last week post) as the living room TV and my bedroom iMac (my girlfriend’s TiBook died last week also) were constantly engaged.
I have, however, found myself acceptable temporary employment at The Pensions Regulator telling businesses to hurry up and fill in their updated details.