Okay, so I meant to do this yesterday (it would have been a lot more logical) but better late than never. I’ve decided to make a list of films I watch each week, just to keep track if anything.

This week I have mostly been watching…

Young Frankenstein
Dangerous Minds
Don Jaun Demarco

I feel bad that this is the first time I had watched Casablanca, especially after doing a film degree! I am glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed – Bogey is always a pleasure to watch.
Atonement, however, was fairly awful. The excellent James Mcavoy just couldn’t make up for the talentless Ikea Knightly (nod to Mark Kermode) and it really felt a wee bit pretentious in it’s playing to the Oscar crowd.

I’m hoping on Friday to make it to the late night screening of Bladerunner (Final Cut) at the Duke of York. Other than that, I have a few films I would like to watch or re-watch this week including M and a few more James Cagney’s from Jordan’s new box set.