I’ve spent almost my entire day cleaning my flat.  We have an inspection by the letting agent on Wednesday so we thought it might be time that we clean the carpet.  It wasn’t easy.  I had to give halfway up as the lack of sun light after 5pm made identifying stains quite difficult.

I was supposed to be DJing tonight at the night I run with a couple of friends tonight, however I felt a bit rough from all the cleaning and I’ve put myself under a strict budget for the next few months (saving up for the holiday). Oh well, I don’t mind being home alone.  I get to do nerdy things like work out how to set up syncable mailboxes on my IMAP e-mail.  I can now see my sent/junk/trash and drafts mailboxes on Mail.app on my Mac and on webmail… score!
I’m also taking this time to get reacquainted with a few bands I haven’t listened to in a while – currently listening to Deftones – White Pony.